Screen Printing

We love printing t-shirts….

Whether it’s a couple dozen at a time or a hundred or a thousand. What makes Platform so cool is that we’re well-equipped to print small orders on either of our Vastex manual presses; or we can print huuuuuge jobs on either of our M&R automatic presses.

We’re not a tiny little garage shop,
and we’re not an overblown printing factory.

We’re sized right in that sweet spot where we can service a huge array of customers from one-man contractors to sports teams and apparel brands and beyond.

We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on equipment, education and manpower to make sure we can handle any job that comes our way. We insist on creating great artwork, using the best equipment and the highest quality supplies. We strive for retail-quality prints and our staff agonizes over making sure each print is its best. That’s why Platform is your number one choice and we want to prove it!

Give us a call, or email over your logo,
and let us show you why we’re the best!